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“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]



“To accept people where they are on their spiritual journey and in their personal lives . . . To enable them, through their faith in Christ and Springvale's ministry, to become disciples of Jesus . . .  and to invite them to join other disciples in a faith journey where the life of discipleship is explored and lived-out in a community of men, women, and children committed to discovering and sharing the riches of God's love.

About Us

Bill Jones head Shot.jpg
Rev. Bill Jones


John Burke_edited.png
John Burke


Our Staff:  
Pastor Larry Parlett - Copy.jpg
Pastor Larry Parlett

Visitation Pastor

Judy Krouse_edited.png
Judy Krouse

Choir Director

Alissa Stump

Program Coordinator/ Parish Visitor

Teresa Vitz

Administrative Assistant

General Church Information:

As a part of Springvale UMC, you are also a part of a two-point charge.  What this means is we share our pastor, Pastor Bill, with our sister church which is Bethlehem Stonepile UMC.  This church is located just up Springvale Road about 3/10 of a mile on the right hand side of the road.  We also share Pastor Larry, who is the visitation pastor for both congregations.

Pastor Bill preaches at Stonepile's worship service, which begins at 9 AM and then leaves to preach at Springvale's worship service, which begins at 10:20 AM.  Likewise, our Program Coordinator, Alissa Stump, begins her day at Springvale for children's Sunday school at 9 AM and moves to Stonepile for children's Sunday school at 10:20 AM.  Our secretary, Teresa Vitz, works out of the office at Stonepile, but is the secretary for both the Springvale and Stonepile churches.

Although the two churches do offer separate worship services, Sunday school hours, and some activities specific to each church, we do many activities together as a Charge. We currently have a joint Youth Fellowship group which meets at Stonepile twice per month on Sunday evenings (fall and winter).  We offer spring and fall Bible studies together in Stonepile's Strayer Hall.  We hold Vacation Bible School together at Stonepile in June of each year.  We have a Charge Picnic at John Rudy Park in the spring/summer and a Hotdog Roast and Hayride at Springvale's picnic building in the fall.

If you have any questions about being a part of a two-point charge, feel free to ask.

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